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A new beginning

Arrival in Australia

We finally made it to the other side and we are excited to start the laboratory.  New office is nice. Got those desks that you can work on while standing. Plenty of space. Although the office could use a window.

IMG_20171016_133157.jpgHardware has been ordered, the lab has been certified and cells are on their way. We are looking forward to the productive years ahead.

In the beginning, it is always the hardest in any job. You have to get to know everyone and find out what they do. Lots of meetings and introductions.

Monash has been awesome in introductory week where we got emails from all key people introducing themselves and arranging meetings to tell us about what they do. It is good to have a face with that email address and phone number. Like the procedures a lot. OHS was a breeze too.

Best part was how quickly we could get our computers set up to do work. IT had them ready in three days and all major software required for work has already been subscribed to. Super easy, very productive.

As we are shaping our lab we also get to scout for people that will work with us here. Already two fully funded students are keen on coming along for the fun and we also got a honours student that is keen on starting with us in March. We have also arranged for a part time tech/post-doc to help us out. Six people in a new lab seems like a good start. Will help the ball rolling.

The floor our lab and office is located at is undergoing renovations so lots of noise outside the door at the moment but it will be done by the end of the year and I hear the proteomics group will be moving in next door to us. Looking forward to interacting with them.

All in all I think we are in for a ride. Things are moving fast and we are getting things done. Now for the personal stuff like finding somewhere to live…

–Konstantin Knoblich


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