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2018 in review

Another year has gone by and it was an interesting one. We have had lots of lab fun and some lab woes. To get the bad news out of the way we had a little lab flood happen at the end of the year that destroyed all our equipment. The fire sprinkler decided to go off on its own and water entered every expensive equipment that was in its reach. Luckily everyone on the team was just about to go on vacation for the holidays so there won’t be too much time lost. Equipment is being ordered to refit the lab… again… I actually had to fly back from a conference to finish experiments in a guest lab.

On the positive side, our lab added 4 more publications this year which you can check out here and our publications have been featured in a number of agencies and newsletters. Callum our Honors student finished his thesis and graduated with flying colours, Josh was awarded his PhD and is now our postdoc so congratulations on both of them for their achievements. Anne and I were both given the opportunity to present at the ASI (Australasian Society for Immunology) conference and Anne has also been invited as a keynote speaker at another conference in 2020 (more on that in a later post). Overall our year has been great with collaborations flourishing and work moving much quicker now that we developed a lot of the tools. With the exception of the minor lab set back, we should be in full swing in 2019. Hopefully, with a couple of grants or a fellowship or two to accompany our good streak of publications, we will be on our way to an even better 2020. Happy New Year.



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