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2019 in Review

This last year our lab has grown in size and experience and we have had some exciting results that we want to publish in 2020. To start off once our lab was setup again due to the flood we were able to start generating data and gaining momentum. In terms of collborations we have successfully … Continue reading

2018 in review

Another year has gone by and it was an interesting one. We have had lots of lab fun and some lab woes. To get the bad news out of the way we had a little lab flood happen at the end of the year that destroyed all our equipment. The fire sprinkler decided to go … Continue reading

Fibroblastic cells and their utility

I get asked a lot about our cells and what they do. They are actually less known than I would like them to be and this prompted me (together with today’s publication of our paper in PLoS Biology) to write this little post on what are they do and how they can be useful in … Continue reading

Presenting your work at conferences

Anne and I attended Eradicate Cancer 2018 in Melbourne and the ThymOZ conference in Heron island a while ago to present our work and more importantly see other people’s latest research progress and innovations. Really interesting stuff being presented, but this all got me thinking about how important presentation skills are in our field. We … Continue reading

Antibodies and flow cytometry

Antibodies add up quickly to the budget. The panels we design are complicated. Let me explain from the beginning. We use antibodies to conduct a lot of flow cytometry experiments. What is flow cytometry? Flow cytometry refers to the measurement of cells in liquid suspension. Cells flow through a laser that can measure their physical … Continue reading

Business Trip

Happy new year! I hope it is a good one for all. The week leading to Christmas day was busy. I had to go for a quick trip to Birmingham in the UK to show our postdoc how to sort specific populations of cells from primary tissue and how to prepare and analyze RNA for … Continue reading

Lab ready…almost

Considering the fixes and updates we needed to do it turned out quite well. We got our hoods and incubators in place and they make the place look¬†more professional. The place is looking like it can handle five people at the moment. Will have to see. In the meantime, Josh has started so he will … Continue reading

A new beginning

Arrival in Australia We finally made it to the other side and we are excited to start the laboratory.¬† New office is nice. Got those desks that you can work on while standing. Plenty of space. Although the office could use a window. Hardware has been ordered, the lab has been certified and cells are … Continue reading

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