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2019 in Review

This last year our lab has grown in size and experience and we have had some exciting results that we want to publish in 2020.

To start off once our lab was setup again due to the flood we were able to start generating data and gaining momentum. In terms of collborations we have successfully obtained funding from the Cabrini foundation to develop our in-situ assay in a clinical setting. This also allowed us to gain access to human colorectal samples that will be invaluable as we move forward in developing new ideas and assays. 


I don’t know what you’re talking about Lyla, I’ve clearly got it booked – Snippet from our WhatsApp lab group

We have had 3 undergrads join us in the middle of summer and we also had 1 student coming back to do a Masters after doing her rotation previously with us. She has had some great results that we are further developing into a new project. We were also contacted by a researcher from Kyowa Kirin in Japan to spend over a year with us doing research. He has recently arrived and is getting used to the different environment. We are looking forward to the experience he can bring in the lab.


Mohammed dropped his slice on the cake! – Snippet from our WhatsApp lab group

The year ended without any drama like last year and for that we are thankful as it put quite the dampener on our productivity. This year is already shaping up to be very interesting.




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