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Business Trip

Happy new year! I hope it is a good one for all. The week leading to Christmas day was busy. I had to go for a quick trip to Birmingham in the UK to show our postdoc how to sort specific populations of cells from primary tissue and how to prepare and analyze RNA for use in RNA-seq. Had some trouble with the Bioanalyzer though that shows the quality of the RNA. Something is wrong with the machine… I think it might just be faster to ship the RNA to Australia and do the analysis here.

Christmas was nice. Our fridge and freezer for the lab arrived while I was away so now Josh is filling them up with orders of antibodies, chemicals, and various other consumables. I am a little astonished by the price of FBS here though. It is more than five times more expensive than what we paid in the UK. Apparently this is because of strict mad cow disease regulations. Still…

Anne had a meeting with people at the hospital for tissue samples and they are excited to be part of the project. One small issue of ethics approval and we should be underway. We are also writing mouse ethics so that should also be on the board soon. Writing is all we can do to catch up lately. Especially with the funding round being so close. Double effort expected and a house move ahead so… triple effort expected. Exciting and scary.

–Konstantin Knoblich


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